Around 1.2 million euro of annual net revenue (2016-2018)

Starting Role-Model Farm: Three 2.5MW generators

Forsage's Romanian energy subsidiary, EP Power, has held an energy production licence since 2008 and an energy supply licence since 2013. It is regulated by the national energy regulator, ANRE. Forsage has financed the build-out of its subsidiary's renewable energy production, which currently has the capacity to supply thousands of households in Romania.

Net Present VALUE IS estimated at 8.5 MILLION EURO (WACC 18%)

Facility is in Stable phaSe of production

The facility has over 20 years of remaining certified lifetime. GE service facilities are 5 km from the site. The plot is located 40 km from the coast. The place is mostly a flat coastal plain which slopes east towards the sea. Elevations range between 170 m and 200 m. The makes the area wind-optimal, so it is no wonder our plot is neighbouring one of the biggest wind farms in Europe (240 turbines).

Technical details

The turbines' rated power is 2,500 kW (x3). The machines operate on hubs with the height of 100 meters. The rotor diameter is 100 meters. The minimum distance between the turbines is 400m. All turbines were erected in 2012. Grid connection contracts were signed with Enel Dobrogea. The land lot area is 26.75 hectares.

The wind turbine generator system was designed for maximum reliability. The basis for this is the experience gained from the different versions of the GE 1.5 series.

Turbine Service
Technical Operations

OPerational History

In 2016 and 2017, the farm was ranked No. 1 by Transelectrica, for the highest level of production per MW installed.

17.5 GWh
Energy Sales  2,255,743 RON
Green Certificates: 696,315 RON
18.5 GWh
Energy Sales:  1,813,586 RON
Green Certificates: 3,668,830 RON
Production (projected)
18.7 GWh
Energy Sales:  2,565,000 RON
Green Certificates:  2,632,590 RON