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Eolian Wind Farm

LOW-RISK "Spinning" Assets

Positioning: Low-risk Crypto

"Spinning" Assets

Long-standing Strategy
High-Quality Arrangements

LOW-RISK "Spinning" Assets

Wind power industry is getting stronger year after year. However, local authorities' inconsistencies expose clean energy producers to the unnecessary risks of fixed price agreements with local monopolies who take advantage of wind farmers using their direct dependence on wind weather.
Eolian lays the foundation for the diversified community of wind farms equipped with local energy storage facilities. This will allow to sell energy at favorable prices short-term and avoid direct dependance on electricity prices long-term through averaging, as the community will acquire more turbines at lower prices during lower markets. 


Factors of Success

The company is organized as an open fund that seeks to acquire relevant facilities at proper discounts and shares all its revenues with the holders of  RPNs. 
Eolian team has over ten years of experience in the field, the wind farm it currently runs has won best ratings by the energy market regulator in 2016 and 2017. The fund already has all assets acquisition arrangements it will need during the first two years of operating.  

Transperancy guaranteed by Programmable legal entity

Investor relation processes will be automated with the help of new legal technology arrangements.

Our home Europe is very PRO-Wind, Large, And stable

Globally, Europe will account for about 25% of wind energy capacity installations over the next five years.

Optimal Diversification across booming industry sector

EU countries vary in how they support the renewable energy sector. Our fund is an ideal mix.

socially responsible business with a long planning horizon

Humanity is cutting down the tree of life. Please accept reality and act accordingly.


predictable business


Paid quarterly


Programmable LEgal Entity


First emission of Revenue Participation Notes will be held in 2019


Number of Tokens


This is a nominal figure. Divisibility of tokens will only be limited by the substrate blockchain.

€5 million

Total debt

Initial token price = {total invested amount divided by number of tokens sold}. The sale will be open for a limited period of time, during which some nominal price will be used.


No hidden fees

100% for sale

100% of accumulated capital will be used to purchase assets for the fund (wind farms and relevant technology companies). There will be no “special pockets” created for marketing, legal, or any other expenses. Investors will only be investing in revenue generating assets, nothing else.

All 100% of revenue rights will be distributed. 93% goes to investors who paid money for notes, 7% remains as an effective fund management fee. Founders will not benefit from the fund-raising event but will run the fund and receive a normal management fee. 

€5,000,000 buys 10% of revenue

The thresholds for target size of the investment round reflect our current potential ability to acquire wind farms at appropriate discounts.

Minimum during the first years:
Maximum during the first years:
To be sold:
60% of the revenue rights
Voting rights:

History & Road Map

Eolian and Forsage Holdings

2019 Milestones

We already have preliminary arrangements for every step below.

Legal part:
Technical part:
RPN sale:
First acquisition:
Next acquisitions:


Team formed

Over ten years ago we formed the team and received the energy production license.



First wind farm built

After several years of hard work, we have accumulated funds, received the energy supply license, and mounted our first generators, with no external debt incurred.



Seasoned business

Just a couple of years later, our farm has received the highest rating by Transelectrica (Romanian electricity transmission operator), for producing maximum amount of energy per one megawatt of nameplate capacity installed.



Forming the open fund

Last year we started to study potential avenues for growth and eventually favoured the open fund approach. We have thoroughly researched the new opportunities the distributed ledger technology has brought.

2020 >>

Leveraged Growth

Scaling up

The open fund will allow to win the competition in the renewable energy sector. We will start with acquisitions in the familiar area — wind facilities in Romania. We will further diversify to other European Union countries and also to solar. As innovations will allow, we will expand to energy storage solutions that can take renewables to the next, singular level.